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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there onsite accommodation like cabins?

No.  Doon Reserve does not have any onsite holiday accommodation available to rent.


Can I bring my dog?

Pets must be on a lead and must not be left unattended at any time. Pets are not permitted in Park Facilities (i.e. office, camp kitchen, toilet blocks etc).
Common courtesy and responsible dog ownership must be shown within park grounds at all times including cleaning up after your dog.
Dogs must be quiet and well-mannered. Aggressive or noisy dogs will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.

The above is for holiday stays – not for residential arrangements.


Can I swim in the river?

Swimming in the river is a common and permitted at Doon Reserve.  Doon Reserve provides no supervision or assistance for this activity.  You can find more helpful information in our River Guide here.

Can I have a fire?

Fires are permitted pending suitable conditions.  All fires must be in a fire drum (available for hire).  We ask all visitors to understand that when fires are permitted we’d love you to enjoy one.  However, when conditions are not suitable we ask for your understanding.


How do I book a private ensuite?

You can book a private ensuite with a shower, toilet, and sink with your powered site.  Please select that option when booking online.

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