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River Guide

Can I swim in the river?

Yes. Many people enjoying swimming in the river. Since it’s part of the Yarra River, like most rivers it can get pretty cold depending on the time of year and flow of water.

Doon Reserve Caravan Park provides no supervision for river activities.  We suggest the following resources on water safety before you swim: 1) Parks Victoria and 2) Victorian Government.

Should I jump right in and go for it?

We’d recommend that before you hop into and float around that you walk along the riverbank to assess the route for yourself. This way, you won’t be caught off guard with any natural obstacles.


Are there logs in the river?

Yes. We do our best to keep the river clear, but much of the maintenance relies on Melbourne Water.

Should I wear shoes?

It’s a good idea to wear water shoes or other shoes to protect your feet from any stray branches or rocks that might not be visible from the surface.


What can I use to float down the river?

The choice is yours!

We often see:

  • Inflatable boats

  • Inflatable mattresses

  • Kayaks and canoes

  • Inflatable rings, animals, and other pool toys

  • Stand up paddle boards are also becoming popular

With any of the above options you should be confident with navigating the river and getting to a safely accessible exit point.  The Yarra River does continue past the boundaries of Doon Reserve and you could go much further than expected if you miss all of the exit points.

How deep is the river?

It varies along the river. You should assume that any part of the river can be between 0.5 to 2M+.

Should I wear a life jacket?

Some people do and for young children or weak swimmers we think it’s a good idea.


Where do I get in and out?

There are several places to get in and out of the river.


  • An easy entry is point A on the map.

    • Please note: the river flows from left to right on the map below, so if you get it in at point A, the current will take you towards the exit points below.

  • An easy exit is at point B on the map

  • If you want to exit earlier, you can always get out at point C.

  • If the circumstances are right, you can also exit at point D. But it can be a harder climb up the bank of the river.

If you’re after a swim, point B and C are the best options for swimming as it's easier to get in and out.

Pro tip: if you exit at point B, it’s a short walk back to point A to get back in. That way you maximize your floating time!


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