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Visiting or living in Australia there are limited opportunities for seeing snow. Skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing all seem like things people do in books or on TV shows set in the Northern Hemisphere. For a limited time each winter, there are places to take families for snow play or proper snow sports right here in Victoria, and just a short drive from Doon Reserve.  

We want to let you know about what snow options you have as you plan a trip through the Yarra Valley in Winter.   


Mount Donna Buang 

Distance from Doon Reserve: 27.7km to summit (33min) 

Elevation: 1250m 

Activities: Snow play 

At a distance of 70km, this is the closest snow to Melbourne. The summit is 1250m and once the snow starts the summit will close to traffic but open to snow play. This is not a location for serious snow bunnies wanting meters of fresh powder. This is a day trip for those wanting to experience the thrill of snowfall or tobogganing for the first time. You can build a snowman and walk frosty trails all for free. 

The snow can be patchy, or it can be a blanket of white. Check in with the Warburton Info Facebook page for daily updates on coverage. If you’re staying at Doon Reserve then you’ll have a jump on the Melbourne crowds ensuring you get a toboggan (which are sometimes all hired out) and avoid the slow crawl up the mountain as the day-trippers gather to this special spot.  


Lake Mountain 

Distance from Doon Reserve: 70.1 km to resort (1hr 14min) 

Elevation: 1433m 

Activities: Snow play, taboggan hire, snowshoeing, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, laser tag, flying fox 

Open from June to September for the snow season, this is the closest place to Melbourne with ski runs. There are lots of options here for snow activities and the resort is a warm place for regrouping or eating. On the website you can get up-to-date information about the weather and snow conditions plus you can see the map, and book gear and lessons. You will need to book a pass before your visit.  


Mount Baw Baw 

Distance from Doon Reserve: 91.5 km to resort (1 hr 40 min) 

Elevation: 1567m 

Activities: Snow play, taboggan hire, snowshoeing, snowboarding, skiing 

One of the big four snow fields in Victoria, Mount Baw Baw is the closet to Melbourne. With 7 lifts and green, blue and black ski runs this is where it’s at for proper snow bunnies. Again you’ll need an entry pass to gain access to the snow, and dual mountain season passes are available for Mount Baw Baw and Lake Mountain. You can hire equipment, see the snow conditions and book lessons through the website. Weekday visits are a smart way to avoid the crowds and get better value as lift passes are cheaper Monday – Friday.  Also note you will need tyre chains which can be hired and fitted for you.  

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