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Park Rules

Making a booking: 

  • We require a minimum night stay on long weekends, peak season weekends, and during local special events. 

  • Full payment is required at the time of booking. 



  • Rates are based on two adults per site. A per night fee applies for all additional children and adult guests. 

  • Rates for campsites are based on one tow car. 

  • A standard site is roughly 6 x 6 metres and a large site is 6 x 9 metres.  If you have a van, motorhome, trailer, or tent that cannot fit onto one site, you will need to book the number of sites required. 

  • If you book more than one site, the same number of people need to be booked on that site as well.  For example John has a 25 foot (7.6 metre) campervan with his wife and two children.  John needs to book 2 sites, with 2 adults and 2 children on both sites. 

  • A site has a maximum of 6 guests (including children). 


Refund/Cancellation Policy:

  • If more than 30 days' notice is given, a full refund subject to a $20 cancellation fee will occur. 

  • If less than 30 days’ notice is given no refund is available. 

  • Refunds will not be given for early departure. 

  • There are no refunds available when a group or individual does not show up. 

Checking in and checking out: 

  • Check-in is between 12 pm and 6 pm.   

  • Please visit the reception on arrival to provide your booking details, confirm the number of people in your party and any other information as requested by the customer service team. 

  • Sneaking in additional guests will not be tolerated and additional charges will be incurred for deliberately trying to sneak unpaid guests into Doon Reserve. 

  • The person whose name is on the receipt is responsible for all guests on the site. 

  • Check-out time: 10am.  (If you require a late check out please enquire at reception. Fees may apply.) 

  • To avoid a clean-up fee, please ensure your site is clean of rubbish when you leave. 

  • Bag all rubbish and place in the dumpster.


Quiet Hours: 

  • Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 8 am, during which no music, campfires, running of vehicles, or other noise is permitted. 

  • Excessive noise, generator usage and rowdy parties are not permitted at any time. Any such behaviour will result in eviction from the premises.   

  • Zero Tolerance: Doon Reserve is a family-friendly park. Our staff monitor the grounds nightly and should they provide a reminder regarding our quiet hours, please accept this as good advice, understanding that you will be reminded once only. Infringements after 10 pm may result in fines, a visit from the Police, and/or immediate eviction without warning or refund. 

  • A $100 call-out fee may be charged if staff are required to attend a site after 10 pm related to noise complaints. 


Site Allocation: 

  • We cannot guarantee a specific numbered site because of weather variations. You can choose your booking zone and we will allocate an available spot. 

  • If the ground is unsuitable in your desired zone, you might be moved to a more suitable location. 

  • If you are booking as a group we recommend either 

  • Making a group online booking for the number of sites (and pay all at once) 

  • Create a group booking name and reference that in your online booking. 



  • Dogs are welcome at Doon Reserve for tourists. 

  • Dog owners take full responsibility for their pet(s) and ensure they do not disturb other guests. 

  • Please read the information below to ensure you and your dog can meet the park’s conditions: 

  • Under no circumstances are dogs permitted in the amenity blocks or camp kitchen. 

  • Dogs must be always kept on a leash and not left unattended within the park. 

  • As the owner of the dog, you are responsible for cleaning up after your pet - particularly toilet duties! 

  • We reserve the right to disallow any pet at the park that we deem not appropriate to stay at the caravan park. 

  • All dog owners, whether you have expressly agreed or not, assume all liability regarding your dog being on our premises and indemnify us against all and any damages, all or any claims, or other suits that may arise as a result of your dog being anywhere in our caravan park. 

  • Any breaches of the above conditions could result in early departure and forfeiture of refund. 



  • Only one car per site. If you bring a 2nd vehicle, you will be asked to park it near the entrance of Doon Reserve. 

  • Depending on how busy we are, you may be asked to keep your car away from your site if you don’t have sufficient room (based on the site you booked). 

  • The speed limit is 8km (walking pace) on all roads inside the park. Please watch for cyclists, pedestrians, and children playing. 

  • Parking is permitted in designated parking areas only. 

  • All persons enter the park at their own risk and are responsible for their possessions and vehicles. 



  • Fires are permitted when conditions are suitable.  Advice from staff and displayed warnings regarding fire danger must be followed. 

  • Campfires are permitted between 8 am and 10 pm only. Fires must be always attended to, kept low, and contained. 

  • Fires must be in an approved fire drum (available to hire). 

  • Firewood may be purchased at our office. Please note that cutting trees, shrubs, or branches and gathering dead wood is strictly prohibited. Please do your part to maintain our natural environment. 

  • Guest are allowed to bring their own firewood. Chainsaws are not to be operated within the park at any time. 

  • Please do not tip out the contents of the fire drum onto your site. If you tip out your fire drum a $50 site clean-up levy will be charged. 

  • Upon departure, please leave hired fire drums on your site and our staff will collect them for you. 



The following places are smoke-free zones at Doon Reserve: 

  • All buildings 

  • Park Office 

  • Toilet and Shower facilities 

  • Within 5 metres of the playground 


General Rules 

  • Please keep your site tidy and use the facilities provided respectfully. 

  • We do not allow trenches to be dug in the park under any circumstances. 

  • Illegal drugs at Doon Reserve will not be tolerated and guests will be asked to leave without a refund if the law is broken. 

  • Guests are required to deposit all garbage at the central dump point.  Burning of garbage is prohibited. 



  • Trees around the park are inspected regularly, however, trees and branches may still fall from time to time. Persons entering the park do so at their own risk. No responsibility will be accepted for personal or property damage caused by falling trees or branches. 

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the showers, toilets and camp kitchen. 

  • All BBQ facilities need to be cleaned after use, and ready for the next guest to enjoy. 

  • Guests are welcome to enjoy the river. Children must be supervised around the water. 

  • Ball games are not to be played in the playground, in or around the amenities block, or within close proximity of dwellings. 

  • Playground equipment is to be used in the proper manner. 

  • Riding bicycles is permitted during daylight hours. It is essential that helmets be worn. 

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